3. Why is June 16th World Sea Turtle Day?
Why is June 16th World Sea Turtle Day?

Why is June 16th World Sea Turtle Day?

It is the birthday of Dr. Archie Carr who is widely known as “the father of sea turtle biology.” He focused his entire career on sea turtle research and conservation. Here is the story of Dr. Carr.


Archie Carr was a University of Florida Graduate Research Professor of Zoology and was associated with the University for more than fifty years. In 1987 he was awarded the Eminent Ecologist Award by the Ecological Society of America. He made extraordinary contribution to sea turtle conservation by way of bringing attention to the world's declining turtle populations due to over-exploitation and loss of safe habitat.

Archie Carr published his first paper on sea turtles in 1942, but it was not until he wrote his classic Handbook of Turtles (1952) that he began to focus his research on sea turtles. He described his early discoveries about the plight of sea turtles in his book The Windward Road particularly in his chapter The Passing of the Fleet, which was a call to arms and resulted in global efforts to conserve sea turtles from extinction.

Carr was also known for his efforts in conservation, especially for sea turtles, helping convince Costa Rica to establish Tortuguero National Park in 1975. He was a co-founder of the Caribbean Conservation Corporation, which helps to save and monitor sea turtles in Tortuguero, Costa Rica. He was often joined in his conservation work by his wife Marjorie Carr, who was a major advocate for conservation in her own right. In 1952 Carr was awarded the Daniel Giraud Elliot Medal from the National Academy of Sciences.

With 8 million tonnes of plastic dumped in our oceans every year, these amazing creatures are under threat. All we need is to fight back against the plastic pollution choking our oceans.

Happy World Sea Turtle Day!

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