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  3. ABS unveils its upcoming seminar
ABS unveils its upcoming seminar

ABS unveils its upcoming seminar

ABS has announced its "Digital Strategies for Asset Integrity Management" seminar that will be occuring in April 7, 2021.


Asset management programs should address the quality of marine or offshore assets at every stage of their life cycles - from new construction to maintenance management to decommissioning. Digital insights on the health of an asset, specifically its machinery and structural systems, allow marine and offshore companies to make the right choices faster and smarter - resulting in improved safety, efficiency, and performance.

Key topics covered include:

  • Recommended technology and digital strategies for asset management based on type, age and fleet size
  • How to use, translate and report on fleet data for improved transparency and decision making
  • The types and sources of data to collect and analyze for generating insights on asset health
  • How to apply digital tools to help monitor structural defects and machinery anomalies to mitigate risk and avoid more costly repairs

You can register for the seminar via company's website.


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