3. South Korea: Monsoon season ties record with 49 days
South Korea: Monsoon season ties record with 49 days

South Korea: Monsoon season ties record with 49 days

Tuesday marked the 49th day of the summer monsoon, setting the record for the longest rainy season in South Korea since data were collected.


With no let-up in sight for this wet streak, the country is expected to break the record set in 2013.

According to the Korean Meteorological Administration, this year's rainy season, which began on June 24, is expected to continue until August 16, with heavy rains forecast mainly in the capital, Seoul, as well as in the provinces of Gyeonggi and Gangwon.

Jeju Island has already broken its own record of 47 days set in 1998 as its monsoon season lasted 49 days this year until the end of July 28.

Experts claim that the exceptionally long rainy season is an consequence of climate change, because global warming has caused the weather in this region of the world to get warmer and retain more precipitation. China and Japan have both endured heavy rainfall during the flood crisis this year.

In Korea, it was also one of the deadliest monsoons ever reported. A total of 50 people are dead or missing as of Tuesday. The number of casualties has remained the same since the day before, with no new fatalities reported.

More than 7,512 people from 4,349 families have had their homes destroyed and 3,046 are now living in local gyms and community centers.

A total of 20,826 property damage cases have been registered, of which 12,356 relate to private property. About 27,132 hectares of farmland have been flooded, while 5,485 residential buildings have been damaged or flooded. Repairs are roughly 56.1 per cent full, affecting 11,692 of the recorded incidents.

“We have consistently improved our safety management system while undergoing numerous disasters, but from the gigantic disaster ignited by climate change, we experienced the largest number of casualties in nine years,” President Moon Jae-in urged.

Since the monsoon season began at the end of June, 50 people have died or are missing. This is the largest figure since 2011, when 78 people died or were missing.

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