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Beirut Container Terminal resumes service

Beirut Container Terminal resumes service

Container lines resumed calls to Beirut after the explosion last week, with only minimal damage to the terminal.


"We are glad to advise that the container terminal suffered only minor damage and it has restarted operations,” German container line Hapag Lloyd stated.

Hapag Lloyd 's office in Beirut was totally damaged, but the workers were unharmed.

The explosion of August 4 in the port of Beirut, which killed more than 160 people and wounded 6,000 more, destroyed the entire neighborhood of Lebanon 's capital in seconds.

Container lines moved ships to the smaller port of Tripoli, Lebanon, to keep essential supply lines going.

Lebanon, which imports almost all it uses, depends on container ships to supply items ranging from refrigerated food cargoes to garments and other consumer goods.

Beirut's container port has an estimated annual capacity of just over 1 million TEUs compared to Tripoli's 400,000 TEUs, which could be increased to 600,000 TEUs and a maximum of 750,000 TEUs if more cranes were built.

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