3. Signal Ocean platform unveils CO2 emissions tool
Signal Ocean platform unveils CO2 emissions tool

Signal Ocean platform unveils CO2 emissions tool

The Signal Ocean platform has introduced a tool to help participants in the tanker and dry bulk market determine the CO2 effect while chartering ships.


“We’re proud to be helping raise awareness of emissions at a critical stage of the ship selection process. Ships today are competing in the market not just on charter rates and safety records, but also their environmental footprint. We track over 30,000 ships, and have created a tool designed to help those charterers and brokers who want to compare their vessel options on a range of criteria, not just cost competitiveness,” commented Dimitris Tsapoulis Signal Ocean COO.

In 2018, the Signal Ocean Platform was introduced and utilizes algorithms and machine learning to enable decision-making by users.

A number of firms, including Flexport, RightShip, OOCL and DHL, have also launched carbon calculation instruments to meet the customer's demand for decarbonisation.

The ballast leg of any voyage shall be considered into account in the calculation of the instrument, as well as any route deviations already taken by any given usable vessel. Other variables include the size, age, speed, loading conditions, shipyard, scrubber use and the type of fuel used by the vessel.

The service includes crude and product tankers ranging from handysize to VLCC and from capesize to handysize, as well as dry vessels.

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