3. Ukrainian Navy orders four ADA-class corvettes from Turkey
Ukrainian Navy orders four ADA-class corvettes from Turkey

Ukrainian Navy orders four ADA-class corvettes from Turkey

Ukraine has signed agreements with Turkish companies on technology transfer and development of four ADA-class corvettes and UCAVs for the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.


According to Ukraine's Minister of Defense, these are mainly central mission at significantly improving the Ukrainian Navy's fighting capabilities to boost security in the Black and Azov Sea regions.

The parties addressed the implementation of the agreements in the form of the intergovernmental agreement and acknowledged the strategic existence of cooperation between Ukraine and Turkey in the field of defence.

The MoD of Ukraine and the President of the Turkish Defence Industries signed a memorandum in October outlining their plan to launch and introduce joint ventures for the construction of warships, unmanned aerial vehicles and turbines of all kinds.

The Ada-class is the first national shipbuilding project to be staged in Turkey as part of the MILGEM project. Its purpose was to build a modern corvette with indigenous anti-submarine warfare and high-seas patrol capabilities, using stealth technology concepts extensively in its design.

The class is intended for the disembarking of a 10-ton helicopter with a platform, hangar and extensive operation and handling facilities. Helicopter operations can be carried out in the State of the Sea 4. A corvette from MILGEM is designed to fit 106 sailors, including the flight crew.

Milgem-class corvettes are capable of performing a wide variety of operations, including reconnaissance, surveillance, anti-submarine warfare, surface-to-surface and surface-to-air warfare.

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