3. Scotland to establish new model of greenports
Scotland to establish new model of greenports

Scotland to establish new model of greenports

Scotland has unveiled plans to develop a new greenport model focused on inclusive growth, fair work practices and net-zero economy delivery.


The step comes in reaction to the freeport policy of the UK government, which is part of the post-Brexit strategy of the nation. Under the policy, in locations across the world, the United Kingdom will establish about ten freeports.

The announcement follows the Scottish government's survey of the ports sector, local authorities and business bodies on the position of local economic zones in Scotland.

“The Scottish government is developing plans to establish fair, sustainable, green ports. These would adapt the UK government’s freeport proposals, offering streamlined planning processes and a package of tax and customs reliefs,” said the Scottish government.

Greenports will encourage the adoption of best practice for industries which will be related to net-zero commitments, equal labor criteria and the provision of living wage payments.

The Scottish Ports Party, an industry-led forum expressing the views of the local port sector and organized by the British Ports Association (BPA), welcomed the recent announcement and recognized the role that ports have to play in helping their communities, promoting economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and assisting with the move to net-zero.

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