3. Norway to provide funding for North Sea CO2 storage project
Norway to provide funding for North Sea CO2 storage project

Norway to provide funding for North Sea CO2 storage project

The Government of Norway has agreed to provide funding for the CO2 transport and storage project for the Northern Lights.


This will include an open transport system for intermediate storage of CO2 from industrial capture sites to the terminal at the Naturgassparken industrial site in Øygarden, western Norway.

At a subsurface depth of 2,600 m, the captured CO2 will then be transported by pipeline for permanent storage in a North Sea reservoir.

The Northern Lights is the transport and storage part of Longship, the full-scale carbon capture and storage project of the government.

This May, Equinor, Shell, and Total made conditional investment decisions for Northern Lights. They will now set up a joint venture to manage, including business growth, all project activities.

This will be the first cross-border, open source CO2 transport and storage infrastructure network, according to Equinor, offering European industrial emitters the ability to securely and permanently store their CO2 underground.

Phase one of the project should be completed with a capacity of up to 1.5 MM metric tons/yr of CO2 by mid-2024.

The Longship white paper will be discussed in Norway's parliament in January, followed by final approval of the production and operational plan.

In January 2019, North Sea exploitation license EL001 "Aurora" was awarded. The Eos well verified the designated reservoir's features and storage space in March 2020.

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