3. More than 100 tons of fishing nets found in Gyre
More than 100 tons of fishing nets found in Gyre

More than 100 tons of fishing nets found in Gyre

The motor-sailing cargo ship Kwai docked at Honolulu Port on Tuesday, carrying home a load of more than 100 tons of fishing nets and disposable plastic in Gyre.


When the Kwai arrived in Honolulu, she completed a 48-day sea clean-up mission, which began on May 4 at Hilo. She only began after a self-imposed quarantine period of three weeks to ensure the safety of crew members during the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the expedition, Kwai 's crew collected waste using specialized GPS satellite trackers, previously attached by volunteer yachts and ships to drifting nets. The ocean also sorts debris, and a tagged fishing net will result in other networks and debris densities. Drones and lookouts help the crew on the ship hone in on the debris.

“In keeping with our commitment to environmental stewardship, Matson has been searching for a way to get involved in cleaning up the Pacific Gyre. We’ve been impressed with the groundbreaking efforts of Ocean Voyages Institute and the progress they’ve made with such a small organization, and we hope our support will help them continue this important work,” said Matt Cox, chairman and CEO. 

The Kwai and Ocean Voyages Institute are planning a second trip to the Gyre that will depart in late June. How successful the Ocean Voyages Institute is at securing additional donations will determine the length of a second summer leg.

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