3. Lubrizol joins the Getting to Zero Coalition
Lubrizol joins the Getting to Zero Coalition

Lubrizol joins the Getting to Zero Coalition

The Lubrizol Corporation has been the first manufacturer of lubricant additive materials to join the Partnership on Getting to Zero Coalition.


An international community officially endorsed by 14 governments and made up of more than 100 organisations, it seeks to accelerate the production by 2030 of economically feasible deep-sea ships with zero emissions.

Lubrizol provides vast expertise in research into lubricants and gasoline. Recently, it analyzed very low sulfur fuel oil blends conforming to IMO 2020 to develop a robust cylinder oil additive package to handle these fuels' widely varying properties.

The coalition has selected 2030 as its target date as most ships will already sail after that deadline in 2050, when the International Maritime Organisation 's global regulator aims to at least halve greenhouse gas ( GHG ) emissions from shipping. A large proportion of the fleet will have to operate on low- or zero-carbon fuels to fulfill that vision.

New fuels and improved engine design will bring new challenges in terms of operating condition. Of starters, whereas today's lubricants tend to combat the corrosion of cylinders caused by sulphuric acid — the product of sulfur of fuel — new formulations can produce specific acids. So new varieties of lubricants would be required to address any problems that occur.

Lubrizol 's wider sustainability strategy seeks to reduce both the environmental effect of producing the goods and the effects of the goods themselves. Sustainability decisions take a lifecycle analysis approach to identify genuine opportunities to reduce its impact and avoid shifting the environmental burden from one product , process or phase to another.

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