3. USS Stout returns home after 7 months of deployment
USS Stout returns home after 7 months of deployment

USS Stout returns home after 7 months of deployment

A nearly seven-month deployment in the US Fifth Fleet Area of Operations was completed Saturday by the Arleigh Burke Class destroyer USS Stout, surpassing the US Navy record for days consecutively at sea.


After the rest of the strike group returned home earlier this summer, the guided missile destroyer, which remained in the theater, broke records previously held by USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and USS San Jacinto.

To ensure the flow of trade, the Stout spent 139 days in direct or related support of the task force, providing overwatch for more than 550 vessels as they passed through vital chokepoints.

“USS Stout has been instrumental in maintaining freedom of navigation in the region. Its regular presence has helped to deter potential threats and provide reassurance to the global merchant community. I wish to thank the crew for their efforts and wish them all the best during the rest of their deployment," stated Cdre. Rob Bellfield, commander of CTF Sentinel.

It supported both the Ike and Nimitz Carrier Strike Groups, taking part in maritime security operations such as patrolling the Bab el Mandeb and Hormuz Strait and escorting logistics support vessels from the US Army.

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