3. Representatives of Diaplous Maritime Services is proud to announce
Representatives of Diaplous Maritime Services is proud to announce

Representatives of Diaplous Maritime Services is proud to announce

The dawn of Diaplous Maritime Services West Africa operations through our Nigerian registered company based in Lagos.


Diaplous Maritime Services Nigeria Ltd. (DMSN) is fully incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission of the Nigerian Federal Republic.

DMSN has obtained all the necessary certificates & licenses to perform security operations both in the maritime domain and on land.

Diaplous Maritime Services Nigeria provides the following services in Nigeria:

1.Security Escort Vessels - ARMED

Diaplous Nigeria deploys state of the art / ballistic proof / high speed Damen FCS 3307 Patrol Boats.

Diaplous Maritime Services vessels have 7 - 10 Nigerian Navy personnel on board and are fully equipped / armed according to local laws and regulations, fully able to deter any level of threat.

Diaplous Maritime Services vessels are capable of 30 knts SOG, have added ballistic protection for the crew and Navy teams as well as all state of the art electronics / navigation and communications equipment.

2.Navy Teams  - ARMED

Working in tandem with the Nigerian Navy, Diaplous Maritime Services Nigeria deploys armed teams to embark on client vessel and provide security for the duration of the vessels stay in Nigeria.

These teams are 4 - 8 man strong, depending on the area of operations.

3. Maritime Security Liaison Officers - UNARMED

Diaplous Nigeria deploys unarmed MSLO’s to serve as security consultants on Diaplous Maritime Services clients vessels.

MSLO’s are Hellenic Nationals specially trained for GoG Operations and with vast experience in the HRA of the IO.

We also deploy Nigerian MSLO’s who are retired Nigerian Navy Officers that have been specifically trained on Diaplous SOP’s.

4. Safe Journey Management - ARMED / UNARMED

Diaplous Nigeria provides security for all your in country movements, whether this be a crew change or a prolonged business trip with attendance in various parts of the country, we provide you with the security and safety to complete your business successfully.

This includes visa assistance / airport meet & greet / transportation / accommodation / close protection operatives / Nigerian mobile Police - ARMED and much more.

Diaplous Nigeria aims to become your preferred security provider for West African Operations and we look forward to speaking with you in detail of all the services we offer.

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