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Port of San Diego works on its environmental strategy

Port of San Diego works on its environmental strategy

In line with its environmental policy, the Port of San Diego is moving forward with the construction of a microgrid, battery storage facility, and electrical infrastructure at the port's Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal (TAMT).


The Board of Port Commissioners approved the construction of a microgrid on 10 November, which aims to provide back-up power to port-operated facilities, including security equipment, lights, offices and the current storage system for jet fuel.

The board awarded EDF Renewables Distributed Solutions a $2.77 million contract as the highest-ranked bidder among the five bidders. The port predicts that energy savings from the project will hit $3.2 million over 20 years.

The TAMT project will facilitate the use of renewable energy by the port and minimize greenhouse gas emissions as it encourages better air quality at the port.

The upcoming installation supports the Climate Action Plan for the port and is one of the mitigation steps needed by the terminal redevelopment Environmental Impact Report.

The overall cost of the project is estimated to be approximately $9.6 million, $4.9 million of which is covered by an Electric Program Investment Change (EPIC) grant from the California Energy Commission.

The port is making a $4.2 million donation, and the University of California San Diego is making a $201,000 contribution.

In September 2020, the Port of San Diego celebrated the completion of a public works project worth approximately $24 million to modernize its Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal.

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