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  3. Port of Algeciras receives the ESPO Award 2020
Port of Algeciras receives the ESPO Award 2020

Port of Algeciras receives the ESPO Award 2020

In recognition of its active strategy to attract creativity and local start-ups, the Port of Algeciras was awarded the 2020 ESPO Prize.


During a dedicated ESPO Award Digital Ceremony, EU Transport Commissioner Adina Vălean declared the recipient of the ESPO Award.

"A big thank you for this ESPO Award 2020, and especially thank you to our innovation ecosystem team who has made it possible. Congratulations to all the participants too. Port of Algeciras Bay Authority has been working really hard in the last years in order to consolidate innovation culture as a key business process. And this prize shows us that we are on the right path. In addition to that, this award is so inspiring for us that it will make us work even harder, to boost social integration through innovation," Gerardo Landaluce, Chairman of the Port of Algeciras stated.

For its idea, "The Journey of Innovation – Travesía de la Innovación," the Port of Algeciras won the 2020 Award. From the port authority being the landlord, operator and regulator to being a company and productivity partner, Algeciras is on a transformative course.

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