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  3. Port of Rotterdam to replace the PIN code with a digital signal
Port of Rotterdam to replace the PIN code with a digital signal

Port of Rotterdam to replace the PIN code with a digital signal

Next week a new pilot project will be initiated by different parties in Rotterdam, in which containers are treated and published without a PIN code: a commonly used form of verification in this transport section.


The project revolves around Secure Container Release, a modern technology that replaces the PIN code with a digital signal: a solution that is considerably less vulnerable to fraud. This is intended not only to make container handling more effective but also to make it easier. 

Every year millions of containers are unloaded in the port of Rotterdam, from where they are transported to hinterland destinations. Collecting these containers in the port is a complex operation, during which shipping firms, freight forwarders, transport companies and terminals must work closely together to ensure that this freight is released quickly and safely.

Drivers that intend to purchase a specific container at the terminal must have a legitimate right of pick-up. A shipping corporation requires this authorisation.

The freight forwarder then hires a shipping firm to deliver the container at the airport. The right of pick-up is checked to the terminal via a PIN code in the current arrangement.

This procedure requires an array of manual actions from various parties. Any hitches or errors in the release process can lead to a loss of time, dissatisfaction and deterioration among customers and partners, as well as potential opportunities for fraud. The program being tested in this trial will fully replace the PIN-based authorisation.

The new pilot project will check how best to improve the protection of the entire chain of the container release process, from the shipping company to the end user.

The framework is based on technologies used in blockchain. This can be contrasted with banking applications in terms of protection – ensuring that the data involved remain incredibly secure.

Through the help of a blockchain-based program, the pick-up rights for container imports will be converted from a PIN code to a digital token during the pilot project. Blockchain technology prevents stolen or copied of this authorisation along the way.

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