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Port of Hamburg to use solar-powered mooring systems

Port of Hamburg to use solar-powered mooring systems

Nineteen solar panels power up a newly built berthing area in the Elbe River. The Port of Hamburg is the second major port to opt for this sustainable solution after Port of Rotterdam.


Although the solar panels might be the first thing to catch your eye, the invention of solar-powered mooring systems, designed by Dutch maritime innovator Straatman BV, lies beneath the water's surface, the company said.

Traditional solutions depend on the power cables underwater. The challenges are well established as cables installation is said to be a time-consuming, costly and high-risk operation. Furthermore, it is not unusual for anchors or during dredging operations to disrupt the power lines.

New equipment can compromise the safety of mooring operations and the repair of the damaged lines involves the same costs and risks of installing the cables.

As explained, solar-powered solutions aim to avoid these problems by removing entirely the need for underwater cables.

In doing so, the lead time for dolphin and berth building is that. As proven at the Port of Rotterdam, maintenance costs are low, Straatman BV said.

Moreover, the use of solar energy lowers electricity costs and works into a sustainability dream.

The "solar systems" provide capstans with fuel, as well as working lights to ensure safe berthing. The dolphins are fitted with 125- and 150-ton triple and quadruple fast release hooks, which are also supplied by Straatman.

There are several possibilities for harbors to become more sustainable, Straatman said. The Netherlands business has the ability to incorporate their solar-powered mooring systems at ports across the globe.

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