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  3. Port of Amsterdam facilitates degassing tests for barges
Port of Amsterdam facilitates degassing tests for barges

Port of Amsterdam facilitates degassing tests for barges

Tests were carried out in the port of Amsterdam with vapor processing equipment.


The goal of the newly developed facilities is to process vapors in a safe and regulated manner from inland tankers so that they no longer end up in the air, the company said in its statement.

At the "Groene Kade" in the port of Amsterdam, two providers, Triple D and 24/7 Nature Power, tested their vapor processing installations. Both sides are working with a mobile installation for vapor processing. For several years, the Port of Amsterdam has been working to promote secure degassing at the port.

The functioning of the installation was calculated during the test; how much of the benzene and residual vapors containing benzene are emitted. This decides whether the installation in question meets the specifications laid down. Suppliers can apply for a permit from the North Sea Canal Area Environment Service if the tests are successful.

An independent agency has been contracted by the North Sea Canal Area Environment Agency to perform test measurements that can be used to assess if the facilities meet the specifications or need further development.

In the "Taskforce on Degassing During Passage," the outcomes of the trials are being analyzed. In 2018, Cora van Nieuwenhuizen, Minister of Infrastructure and water supplies, set up this taskforce to ensure the smooth implementation of the national ban.

It is important to put in place an infrastructure featuring infrastructure worthy of processing or recycling the residual cargo vapours when introducing the national prohibition.

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