3. Oil spill threatens Brazil's coral reef
Oil spill threatens Brazil's coral reef

Oil spill threatens Brazil's coral reef

Brazil's Navy has announced that it is preparing for an oil spill to possibly reach one of the country's largest coral reef systems.


"When the first of this oil reaches the beaches of northeast Brazil in early September, there is no committee: these people which were organized and could immediately have taken action at federal level, state level, private-sector level. No organization. It was a total mess," Carlos Nobre, one of Brazil's most prominent scientists stated in an interview.

Toxic material has settled in the bottom of estuaries, in layers that can reach 40 centimeters (1.3 feet), and it will gradually release poisonous substances, according to the experts.

Oil spill has also spoiled the famous beaches of Cabo de Santo Agostinho on the southern coast of Bahia state.

Defense Minister Fernando Azevedo e Silva, also present at Tuesday's press conference, denied any wrongdoing, and said the government acted as soon as the oil started showing up.

The crude moves beneath the ocean's surface, only becoming visible as it nears the coast, which makes it extremely difficult to track by satellite, plane or helicopter, Puntel said. He told reporters the Navy can't predict where it will hit next or how long it will continue to pollute Brazilian beaches.

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