3. NYK Line forms partnerships to improve Japan's offshore wind power sector
NYK Line forms partnerships to improve Japan's offshore wind power sector

NYK Line forms partnerships to improve Japan's offshore wind power sector

In the offshore wind power market, global growth is leading to ongoing investment in the sector. Japan's NYK Line has announced a new alliance to build offshore exploration opportunities to expand its operations in the sector further.


NYK has reported that it has agreed to a Memorandum of Understanding with Fugro subsidiaries in the Netherlands based on geological surveys related to the generation of offshore wind power.

A joint study will be conducted by NYK and Fugro to run an offshore geotechnical investigation vessel and to provide a geotechnical service that would contribute to the success of offshore wind projects outside of Japan.

Japan has tried to support the production of the generation of offshore wind power, including legislation in 2019 to encourage the development of new offshore wind projects. While this is supposed to encourage investment in new ventures, the companies noted that when considering the basic design of the wind turbines and the architecture of the power plant, it is important to collect geological data in the maritime region before building an offshore wind power plant.

The project examines the operation of an offshore geotechnical survey vessel that would perform a submarine ground survey by conducting cone penetration tests that measure resistance, friction and water pressure, the main ground strength data required for the planning of new offshore facilities.

NYK's latest attempt to realize opportunities relevant to the offshore wind power market is this new collaboration.

A memorandum of understanding was signed by NYK and Van Oord in January 2020 to jointly own and operate offshore wind installation vessels under the Japanese flag. The first vessel with a crane capacity of more than 1,000 mt is scheduled to enter service in 2022.

NYK also reported that it was partnering with Sweden's Northern Offshore Group to establish a crew transfer vessel business for the offshore wind power generation industry.

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