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Global Ports upgrades handling equipment

Global Ports upgrades handling equipment

Global Ports Investments PLC today reports that the two terminals of Global Ports in Finland-Multi-Link Terminals in Kotka and Helsinki-have placed into service additional cranes for handling containerships.


The equipment was installed as part of the ongoing facility modernization program at Global Ports. Modernizing the handling equipment would improve the capacities of both terminals and increase the quality of their service.

At Multi-Link Terminals Helsinki a new ship-to - shore crane (STS) from Konecranes was placed into service, replacing an older model.

The new crane – measuring 40 meters in boom length, 31 meters in height and 70 tons in lifting power – is specifically designed and built for Multi-Link Terminals and blends the versatility of an STS with an RMG.

Looking ahead, the next stage of the upgrading of the STS fleet of Multi-Link Terminals will be the modernisation of the current Liebherr crane, when the height is raised from 21 to 26.5 meters and the boom length from 30 to 32.5 metres. The upgrade to the Liebherr crane is scheduled to be completed during October 2020.

Two Ansaldo STS cranes relocated from the port of Hamina were received by Multi-Link Terminals in Kotka, complementing the current STS and mobile harbor cranes. The cranes both have a spreader capacity of 40 tons and an outlet of 32 meters and 38 meters respectively, the latter being by outreach the largest crane in Kotka.

The device itself has completed testing and will be placed into service once the testing has been completed for the systems needed to bring the cranes into action. The operation of these higher capacity cranes will allow higher tonnage vessels to be handled by the Kotka terminal, carrying up to 14 container rows on deck.

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