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  3. Chemical leak at Napier Port contained
Chemical leak at Napier Port contained

Chemical leak at Napier Port contained

A chemical leak which was detected earlier today at New Zealand’s Napier Port has been contained and the clean-up efforts are almost complete, the Napier Port Authority noted.


The source of the leak was a container, which was carrying flammable chemicals, specifically methyl ethyl ketone.

The Fire Service earlier established a 100 meter exclusion zone within the port, and the Hazardous Substances Unit was called in.

The damaged drum has been removed from the shipping container and has been put into a specialised hazardous chemical container for disposal.

Napier Port said that the small amount of methyl ethyl ketone, a flammable chemical used as a solvent, that did leak “is believed to have evaporated.”

Another 10 drums are yet to be removed from the container and washed before being sent on to the owner.

The port authority informed that there were no injuries reported following the incident.

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