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  3. APM Terminals Elizabeth aims to cut emissions by 45% in new year
APM Terminals Elizabeth aims to cut emissions by 45% in new year

APM Terminals Elizabeth aims to cut emissions by 45% in new year

Green power has begun to be used by APM Terminals Elizabeth in New Jersey, USA, from a supplier that supplies renewables such as wind and solar, which will help the terminal reduce CO2 emissions by about 45% in 2021.


The terminal expects the switch to result in a reduction of 7 kg of CO2/TEU from the current CO2/TEU intensity of 16 kg. In 2021, this translates into an expected reduction in emissions of 8000 metric tons of CO2.

“Our decision to pursue green-sourced energy reflects our overall long-term company plans to decarbonize our terminal operations. We’re progressing on that goal through a multi-year program that aligns with our customers who are also decarbonizing their logistics chains and looking to work with like-minded companies,” stated Jon Poelma, Managing Director of APM Terminals Elizabeth.

In 2016, as part of a multi-year effort to minimize energy usage through increased performance, equipment upgrades, and electrification, APM Terminals Elizabeth embarked on a decarbonizing programme.

A new gate complex designed to improve the experience of truckers, minimize truck idling and improve turn times has also been launched by APM Terminals Elizabeth. There has also been an average decrease in the turnaround time of 11 minutes, representing a reduction of 3 kilograms of CO2/TEU.

Improving operating efficiencies and traffic control at the terminal are other actions under way to minimize pollution.

One of the largest container terminals in the Port of New York/ New Jersey is run by APM Terminals Elizabeth. As part of a five year modernization program, the terminal operator has invested $200 million in upgrading the facility to enhance customer service, increase efficiency and expand capacity for future growth.

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