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Antwerp Port tightens regulations

Antwerp Port tightens regulations

Port of Antwerp announced that more stringent rules governing byloads inside second-hand vehicles will be introduced as of 2021.


Each year, approximately 300,000 second-hand vehicles are shipped through the Port of Antwerp and about 80 percent of those vehicles are loaded on board. Sector consultations last year showed that current regulations and controls carried out on these byloads were no longer sufficient to limit potential risks and to ensure safety at terminals and on board ships.

The amended rules have definitely changed, but different measurements have shown that more measures are required to achieve a sustainable, safe and secure method of processing and transporting second-hand vehicles. For that reason, it was agreed that the regulations would become even tighter than before from 1 January 2021 onwards.

In the case of larger vans, trucks and trailers, loading will be allowed, but the maximum permitted weight of the vehicle shall not be exceeded and shall be in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Two main players in the handling and loading of second-hand vehicles have taken the initiative to adapt their strategies proactively.

 “Sustainability and safety are our priority and it is in order to guarantee both sustainability and security that we found it necessary to introduce these more stringent rules," stated Luc Arnouts, Director International Relations & Networks.

“In order to ensure that the flow of this type of goods in Africa doesn’t come to a standstill, we are happy to contribute towards making exports of this type of goods more sustainable in terms of security and verifiability," commented David Van Ballaert, Managing Director at Sallaum Lines Belgium.

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