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  3. Antwerp Port replaces the existing system of PIN codes
Antwerp Port replaces the existing system of PIN codes

Antwerp Port replaces the existing system of PIN codes

The "Certified Pick up" automated, safe and integrated solution will soon replace the current system of PIN codes for the release of containers at the port of Antwerp.


A phased approach ensures that this new process will be able to be adopted by all logistics stakeholders in the port supply chain. In step one, the platform will establish container status clarity and, in a subsequent phase, the various supply chain partners will move to a new identity-based processing system.

You need a special PIN code to pick up a container at a terminal in a port today. From the shipping company being told of the PIN code and the truck driver actually entering this PIN code at the port, there is significant time. The PIN code, which raises the risk of violence, is often exchanged between various parties.

A new process for the release of containers, referred to as 'Certified Pick up' (CPu), will be implemented on 1 January 2021 to make this process more safe.

It was decided, together with the Port Authority, to phase out the implementation of the CPu with effect from 1 January 2021. The CPu platform will allow container status transparency in the first stage, aimed at increasing operational efficiency for each player in the chain.

The different status of the container relating to the collection of the container at the port of Antwerp will be displayed as "green lights."

The different chain partners will turn to a new processing method in the next step, namely identity-based selection. The current method of collecting a container using a PIN code will be phased out and replaced by a digital release entitlement process, then collecting welfare benefits and an approved identity-based set.

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