3. Wärtsilä announces several new orders from Fincantieri
Wärtsilä announces several new orders from Fincantieri

Wärtsilä announces several new orders from Fincantieri

Wärtsilä has confirmed some new orders for Fincantieri that it is working on. Provision of waste management facilities, fresh water generators, entertainment systems and more are included in the orders.


The company said its full waste treatment systems and fresh water generators had been ordered for two vessels in July 2020.

Starting in Q1 2020, entertainment systems for two new series of ships were ordered; eight vessels in all.

According to a statement, Wärtsilä Entertainment will "not only supply turnkey entertainment systems for these new ships, but also LED architectural lighting as well as public address and general alarm systems."

Although the names of the ships are not disclosed, Wärtsilä said that they are owned by various cruise operatos   

The company reported that two other boats, including their 46F engines, selective catalytic reduction (SCR) solutions, hybrid scrubbers, automation, navigation, and local entertainment systems, low-location lights, valves, public address, and general alarm systems, were also contracted in August 2020 for a complete technical package supply.

“We are very familiar with Wärtsilä’s products and solutions and are extremely confident that they are the right choice for these exciting new vessels. The cruise industry is setting the pace in sustainable shipping, while the ability to create a high quality passenger experience is constantly improving," said Massimo Costa, the vice president for purchasing at Fincantieri.

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