3. VT Halter to build another US Navy barge
VT Halter to build another US Navy barge

VT Halter to build another US Navy barge

VT Halter Marine said a contract option has been awarded for the United States. Navy's 4th Auxiliary Personnel Lighter–Small (APL(S)) 67 Class berthing and messing barge. The contract award is $39,906,609 for a firm, fixed-price option to design and devel


The shipbuilder from Pascagoula, Miss was up and running during the COVID-19 outbreak, and is currently designing the first three APLs. The company got the initial contract to design and build two units in September 2018, with options for four additional units.

Construction on the fourth vessel is scheduled to end in summer 2021. In the third calendar quarter of 2020, the company plans to launch the first two APLs and the third vessel is expected to be launched in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Once ships are in port for readiness and inter-deployment training periods, the Navy uses APLs to house crewmembers. The barges are versatile and can be towed to new bases or shipyards to serve evolving fleet needs, as well as providing possible use for humanitarian missions and other temporary assignments.

The vessels have a draft of 82 meters long x 20.95 meters wide x 2.2 meters. They are also capable of seating 228 enlisted personnel and 56 officers per meal. -- vessel is equipped with offices, classrooms, washrooms, laundry facilities, medical care areas, fitness center and barbershop.

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