3. Virgin Voyages launches 2,021 free cruises
Virgin Voyages launches 2,021 free cruises

Virgin Voyages launches 2,021 free cruises

Today, Virgin Voyages confirmed the launch of its latest commitment to "Shipload of Love," giving away 2,021 cruises on the new Scarlet Lady.


Virgin said in a press release that this campaign is intended to pay tribute to "those who have impacted our lives in a meaningful way," with nominations set to open soon for those who might be worthy of a free ride.

On the Shipload of Love website, entrants will be asked to upload a short video sharing their nomination and explaining why their nominee should sail on the Shipload of Love.

"No good deed is too small, and no individual is to be overlooked. Love and beauty exist in the eye of the beholder, including our unsung heroes, who have shown us that their embrace makes the world a better place. To honor the personal heroes that exist in our lives in a multitude of ways, Virgin Voyages is giving away a real Shipload of Love, starting with an open call to nominate a person who has inspired you, cared for you and helped you to navigate this past year for the vacation of a lifetime," the company stated.

On Valentine's Day, Shipload of Love will officially launch, also coinciding with the one-year anniversary of the delivery of the first vessel of the company, the Scarlet Lady, which is scheduled to start service this coming May.

Via March 16, 2021, submissions will be approved. Participants are also encouraged to express love through their social media, in addition to uploading a video on the Virgin Voyages website.

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