3. Newly launched multipurpose vessel on its way to Gulf of Guinea
Newly launched multipurpose vessel on its way to Gulf of Guinea

Newly launched multipurpose vessel on its way to Gulf of Guinea

A newly launched multipurpose vessel is bound for the Gulf of Guinea, where it will be used for international oil company (IOC)-related assignments as well as escort patrols for larger vessels within 200 nautical miles of the West African coastline.


The 35-meter vessel, the new flagship of the shipbuilder and maritime services provider Nautic Africa, is the second vessel in the Sentinel class, fully compliant with the Naval and Oil and Gas (O&G) industry requirements and with IOCs operating on and outside the waters of the African continent.

With insecurity growing steadily in the Gulf of Guinea, primarily due to the diverse natural resources of the region, transnational piracy, oil bunkering and terrorism continue to be a serious threat to the stability of the region.

According to Nautic Africa, a subsidiary of Paramount Maritime Holdings, with passenger, crew comfort and safety as top priorities in its design and manufacturing, this vessel has been optimized for coastal operating efficiency, mobility and protection.

 “The completion of our 35m flagship vessels during the COVID crisis is an important achievement and milestone for the South African shipbuilding industry, ushering in a new era of capability, excellence and performance. This is a celebration of what can be achieved despite facing, what seemed like, insurmountable challenges," stated Paramount Maritime Holdings CEO, James Fisher.

Nautical Africa has also reported that larger naval versions of the vessel (40m and 47m) have been made available due to rising naval interest and will be offered worldwide to support military and fishing patrol operations across EEZ waters.

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