3. Viking Cruises unveils firefighting Foam Lab Odense
Viking Cruises unveils firefighting Foam Lab Odense

Viking Cruises unveils firefighting Foam Lab Odense

Viking Life-Saving Equipment has introduced the Foam Lab Odense of Viking, which specializes in testing the firefighting foam reserves of a vessel, strengthens the company's emphasis on maritime fire service.


“Our ambition is to cover all aspects of marine firefighting equipment, and our new state-of-the-art laboratory puts us on the global map in this segment, too. Our class approvals comply with IMO regulations for testing all foam types, and we expect to receive DANAK accreditation in the course of 2021 as the ultimate stamp of approval for our work,” said Anders Nørgaard Lauridsen, head of Viking’s activities in Baltic region.

A package solution can be provided by Viking, whereby shipowners buy a test kit consisting of a container to collect a foam sample, instructions on how to carry the sample on board and a prepaid shipping mark. When the foam is collected in the laboratory, it is subjected to a barrage of tests to determine the degree of expansion, drainage period, pH value, density and contamination, to ensure, among other things, that according to a quote, the foam can effectively extinguish a fire.

The foam laboratory has two specialists, both capable of performing a number of tests, including low and high expansion tests, chemical resistance tests, small-scale fire tests, and conductivity tests. When foam samples are collected, they are heat-treated for 24 hours before they are mixed with saline solution and subjected to a meticulous test program specified in accordance with current IMO standards.

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