3. UMS SKELDAR launches new unmanned helo SKELDAR V-150 VTOL
UMS SKELDAR launches new unmanned helo SKELDAR V-150 VTOL

UMS SKELDAR launches new unmanned helo SKELDAR V-150 VTOL

UMS SKELDAR, Europe's leading supplier of Rotary Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) platforms, is launching its new improved V-150 Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) system to support tactical operations.


This ITAR-free UAV is unique in its class and has the ability to transport multiple payloads through two payload bays. With a 12 kg payload, the new platform has a maximum endurance of up to 2.5 hours, increasing to 4 hours in the near future thanks to the improvements already being worked on.

The modular design of the V-150 allows for a high degree of maintenance along with a minimal turn-around period during operations, and has a small logistical footprint suitable for storage in small hangars.

The SKELDAR V-150 can be fitted with a powerful Electro-Optical / Infrared (EO / IR) sensor and a range of small tactical synthetic aperture radars (SAR) to provide real-time information in all weather conditions, day and night, for maritime operations such as border patrol, sea surveillance, coastguard, and naval operations.

The V-150 can be equipped with a combination of EO / IR and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) sensors for land-based missions including search and rescue for blue light units, firefighting operations, emergency response and drug interdiction trafficking to allow the delivery of vital mission intelligence in emergency and security areas.

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