3. Turkey unveils its indigenous FAC project
Turkey unveils its indigenous FAC project

Turkey unveils its indigenous FAC project

Turkey’s leading defence company STM promulgated important information about Turkey’s indigenous fast attacking craft project named “Turkish Type FAC”.


STM provided essential details on the "Turkish Type FAC" indigenous fast-attacking craft project in Turkey that the project's Term-1 Contract Design Agreement was signed between the Presidency of the Turkish Defense Industry and STM on 31 August 2020.

“Within the scope of the contract, defining the system requirements, concept selection, preliminary design and contract design activities of Turkish Type FAC will be carried out," said the company.

Ismail Demir, President of Turkish Defence Industries Presidency, gave an interview about the issue: “Our Turkish Type FAC Project, for which a Design Contract has been signed between our Presidency and STM, will strengthen our navy. Turkish Type FACs will contribute to the protection of our interests in our maritime jurisdiction with their effective manoeuvrability, high strike power and national systems they will carry.”

A basic design design design called "FAC55" has already been made by STM, which is the main project contractor, and the Turkish Type FAC is expected to be built on the basis of this design. The design was carried out in accordance with the mission of establishing and retaining sea control in the Turkish Naval Forces' operational areas.

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