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SunStone launches New Ocean Explorer

SunStone launches New Ocean Explorer

SunStone Ships has announced the successful launch of the Ocean Explorer, its fourth Infinity-class ship, and also said it has cut steel for the Ocean Odyssey, the fifth ship.


“We are very pleased with the quality and high building standards of China Merchants Heavy Industry, which are fully at the level of European Shipyards. We are looking forward to continuing our relationships with all our partners in the Infinity-class project and we, even considering the COVID-19 world crisis, are moving fast forward as planned at very satisfactory speed, safety and quality level," said SunStone CEO, Niels-Erik Lund.

The launch ceremony for the Vantage Travel Ocean Explorer was conducted at China Merchant Heavy Industries in Haimen, China. The Ocean Odyssey will also run on a Vantage Travel charter contract.

Depending on customer design, SunStone's Infinity class of ships is 104 meters long and can carry between 130 and 200 guests.

The Greg Mortimer of SunStone was delivered in 2019 and became the first operational Infinity class ship, working under the banner of the Aurora Expedition. There are six more ships set to follow.

Newbuild Schedule: 

  • Ocean Explorer - January 2021 - on charter to Vantage Travel.
  • Ocean Victory - March 2021 - on charter to Victory Cruise Lines and Albatros Expeditions.
  • Sylvia Earle - September 2021 - on charter to Aurora Expeditions.
  • Ocean Odyssey - February 2022 - on charter to Vantage Travel.
  • Ocean Albatros - October 2022 - on charter to Albatros Expeditions.
  • Ocean Discoverer - March 2023 - on charter to Victory Cruise Lines and Aurora Expeditions

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