3. RDM builds new catamaran to be launched for World Heritage Cruises
RDM builds new catamaran to be launched for World Heritage Cruises

RDM builds new catamaran to be launched for World Heritage Cruises

Australian shipbuilder Richardson Devine Marine is designing a new Incat Crowther-designed catamaran for World Heritage Cruises. It is expected to be launched by the end of the year.


The passenger vessel will be the 8th Incat Crowther vessel for the Tasmanian operator and will build on the many popular features of the new Incat Crowther 35, Harbor Master, World Heritage Cruises. The vessel has received affirmation for its efficient and stable base, which has led to expressions of interest in the purchase of the vessel.

WHC saw this as an opportunity to take advantage of their immense knowledge of the project to create a new vessel that takes the best of the Harbor Master to strengthens the package in key areas. The dynamic operating environment of the Gordon River World Heritage-listed Tasmania River means that most of the changes come under the umbrella of passenger amenities.

The vessel is 1 meter wide to provide more space, more aisles and smaller groups of seats.

A bar has been added to the middle deck, linked to the main food preparation area of the deck. One of the highlights of the WHC tour is a gourmet lunch featuring local produce. Main deck service areas have been extended, the bar and food preparation have now been divided and a larger island has been built.

The cabin will be lighter and brighter with deep windows and the absence of the main stair tower, which has been moved backwards, among other obstacles, such as the bathrooms.

On-board amenities will also be enhanced by Wi-Fi and multiple device charging options.

The new vessel will be powered by Scania DI16 076 M main engines. They 're going to drive the Doen DJ200 water jet quartet.

Plans are well underway to optimize Harbor Master for its new owners to operate on Rottnest Island, with Incat Crowther 's expertise in vessel support coming to the fore. Upon completion of the new vessel, the new owners will take delivery of the Harbor Master.

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