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  3. Port of Tarragona plans to reopen for upcoming cruise seasons
Port of Tarragona plans to reopen for upcoming cruise seasons

Port of Tarragona plans to reopen for upcoming cruise seasons

The government's ban on cruise ships at Spanish ports has resulted in the near complete cessation of the port of Tarragona.


Since last March, Tarragona has adopted a proactive approach, following two parallel strategies, amid a lack of cruise operations.

The first is to be continually ready to ensure that health protection procedures are held up-to - date so that cruise ship operations can resume from minute zero at any time.

Ultimately, operations were not rebooted in 2020, nor was a date set for 2021.

The second action that the Port of Tarragona is carrying out in parallel with the first is the implementation of medium- and long-term operational, marketing and sales plans, with a timetable of two to three years, to plan for operations in the coming cruise seasons.

Therefore, the key objectives of the Port of Tarragona for this year are to develop and introduce new measures to respond to new scenarios resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and to plan for a potential restart of operations.

At the same time, in preparation for the 2022 and 2023 seasons, Tarragona Cruise Port-Costa Daurada has allocated time , expertise, commitment and money to strengthen its range of products and services on offer in the medium to long term.

The team at Tarragona Cruise Port has redoubled its efforts to promote and present a new range of goods and services to address the needs of the pandemic in the meetings and conferences that might take place.

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