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  3. Port of Los Angeles starts to welcome cruise ships without passengers
Port of Los Angeles starts to welcome cruise ships without passengers

Port of Los Angeles starts to welcome cruise ships without passengers

As cruise liners turn their hopes to the long-awaited resumption of sailing in the US waters, cruise ships without passengers are arriving at the Port of Los Angeles in increasing numbers.


“Princess Cruises, Holland America and Norwegian Cruise Line cruise ships are scheduled to send ships arriving in Los Angeles this week and through the new year, periodically docking at the Los Angeles Cruise Terminal for fuel, food, supplies, and/or services. No vessels will be carrying passengers,” the Los Angeles Port Authority announced.

As a prerequisite for compliance with federal legislation, cruise ships come to the port to refuel and restock supplies in order to resume sailing in the future.

There is currently no clear timetable for the resumption of operations, since it depends heavily on the state of public health.

Via early February, the Port of Los Angeles expects more than two dozen cruise ship calls. Because of the pandemic, cruise operations have been suspended since March and no date has yet been set for US passenger sailings.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced, after the expiry of the No Sail Order on 31 October, a process for the phased resumption of cruise ship operations.

The framework includes facilities such as training and additional safeguards for crew members, followed by simulated trips to assess the ability of cruise shi operators to minimize infection hazards, certification of ships meeting specific standards, and a phased return to voyages.

Due to the pandemic, the Port of Los Angeles experienced 93 cruise cancellations in 2020, more than 70 percent of the overall cruises.

According to the port's figures, it contributes around $1 million to local businesses and the economy each time a cruise ship calls Los Angeles. Losing these cruise ships on the LA Waterfront amounts to losing nearly $100 million in economic activity.

Maritime Business World 

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