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  3. Port Authority of Valencia joins working group against climate change
Port Authority of Valencia joins working group against climate change

Port Authority of Valencia joins working group against climate change

The Port Authority of Valencia (PAV) has joined a programme which promotes active climate change programmes.


The president of the Port Authority of Valencia (PAV), Aurelio Martínez, took part in a meeting of the heads of the 12 most important ports in the world that are part of the World Ports Climate Action Program (WPCAP) to present the new actions of the 2021 Working Groups.

At the end of 2020, the APV joined this project, a program that encourages synergies between the major port communities to take action against climate change by means of specific actions to play an active role in the battle against global warming.

In particular, Valenciaport is one of the WPCAP teams that are designing programs to decarbonize terminals; promote the zero emission target of ships on docks; increase the efficiency of logistics chains; and promote common emission reduction incentive policies.

The WPCAP consists of Antwerp, Barcelona, Gothenburg, Hamburg, Le Havre, Long Beach, Los Angeles, New York/New Jersey, Rotterdam, Valencia, Vancouver and Yokohama as port facilities.

The meeting, chaired by the CEO of the Port Authority of Rotterdam, Allard Castelein, also took stock of the outcomes of the various programmes placed in place by the WPCAP.

The investments planned for the coming years in the region of Valenciaport include a number of sustainability commitments directed at accomplishing this zero emissions objective. These investments are aimed at promoting, without excluding other alternatives, the use of alternative energies for traditional fossil fuels such as hydrogen, renewable energies (photovoltaic, wind), and LNG.

Following the group's meeting, the WPCAP released a joint communiqué in which it affirmed its firm commitment to putting ports as the driving force behind the energy transition by enhancing energy efficiency improvement initiatives in maritime transport.

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