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  3. Polish Navy receives six tugboats from Remontowa
Polish Navy receives six tugboats from Remontowa

Polish Navy receives six tugboats from Remontowa

The Polish shipbuilder Remontowa Shipbuilding recently announced that it had supplied the Polish Navy with the fourth in a series of six tugboats.


The ship, H-12 Semko, was designed in Gdańsk and sailed to Świnoujście for delivery to the 8th Coastal Defense Flotilla of Vice Admiral Kazimierz Porębski.

In June 2017, the contract for the design and construction of six tugs was signed.

The workboats will be used by the Polish Navy to provide support for military and logistics operations at sea and in ports, as well as technical evacuations, movements of staff, search and rescue operations and recovery of oil spills. At any time of the year, FSIC IA ice class reinforcement allows the vessels to be deployed in the Baltic Sea.

The propulsion system of each vessel consists of two SCHOTTEL type SRP 360 ice-classed Rudderpropellers with 2.0 m fixed pitch propellers. Each thruster is powered by an MTU 12V 4000 engine with an output of 1,193 kW. This arrangement offers a bollard pull of up to 35 tons and 12 knots of free-running speed for the tugs.

In January, March and July 2020, in addition to the recently delivered H-12 Semko, Remontowa has already delivered the Bolko, Gniewko and Mieszko tugboats.

The shipyard has also begun port trials on H-3 Leszko, the fifth tug, which will last until January 2021. In December 2020, the series' final tug, H-13 Przemko, was launched.

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