3. Germany’s United Heavy Lift receives its 1st F900 Eco-Lifter
Germany’s United Heavy Lift receives its 1st F900 Eco-Lifter

Germany’s United Heavy Lift receives its 1st F900 Eco-Lifter

United Heavy Lift (UHL), the German multipurpose shipping company, has taken delivery of MV UHL Faith, the first in a series of eight F900 Eco-Lifters from the company.


“We affirm our company’s commitment to contributing to an eco-friendly shipping industry by investing in fuel-efficient tonnage. We look forward to taking delivery of six identical newbuildings in 2021 and two in early 2022,” stated Lars Rolner, senior advisor and founder of the United Group.

On 18 January 2021, the 14,100 DWT tweendecker was delivered to its owner by the CSSC shipyard in Hudong, China.

UHL will have a fleet of seventeen F900 Eco-Lifter vessels, which are claimed to be the most fuel-efficient heavy lift vessels in operation, once the new construction program is completed.

MV UHL Faith will begin its maiden voyage to Europe, where the vessel is scheduled to arrive in February in Hamburg, Germany.

Based on the latest technologies available, the F-900 Ecolift class was designed and built and is fitted with advanced systems and fuel efficient propulsion technology. The vessels can handle a wide variety of projects and heavy-lift cargo, with flexible tween-decks and well-shaped cargo holds.

UHL has significantly grown and been part of the United Shipping Group since its establishment in 2015. Run under the umbrella of the United Group, UHL is reinforced and sponsored by United Wind Logistics, United Engineering Solutions and United Heavy Transport, its affiliated companies.

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