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  3. Panama Canal looks for new water management system project
Panama Canal looks for new water management system project

Panama Canal looks for new water management system project

The Panama Canal unveiled its plans to invest in a water management solution portfolio to improve the quantity , quality, and control of its supply.


The Panama Canal Authority has published a Qualifications Request (RFQ) to pre-qualify potential suppliers for engineering, designing and building a new water management system that will ensure adequate water supply for both channel operations and local consumption over the next 50 years.

By the end of the year the authority plans to shortlist the most qualified companies. Each pre-selected bidder will be invited to submit their best-value proposals for a portfolio of water management projects at the waterway after this time.

“Securing sustained, operational water levels is paramount for the long-term viability of the Panama Canal. The historically low levels of water in the recent years only exacerbated the need to adopt a comprehensive plan,” Ricaurte Vásquez, Panama Canal Administrator stated.

The canal has following measures such as a freshwater charge, which came into force in February, in addition to water conservation practices already in place. After less than three months these measures allowed the canal to secure a steady draft. The draft level currently stands at 49 feet, the highest offered in more than 12 months.

The canal also aims to use this investment to expand its role as an engine of Panama's economic development and a green route for global maritime commerce.

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