3. Fincantieri to design for unmanned fleet of US Navy
Fincantieri to design for unmanned fleet of US Navy

Fincantieri to design for unmanned fleet of US Navy

The US Navy awarded Fincantieri’s subsidiary, Marinette Marine (FMM) with a $7 million contract for design and engineering work of the Large Unmanned Surface Vessel (LUSV).


Fincantieri Marinette Marine and five other companies have been shortlisted for this project. Within August 2021 each will develop the conceptual design. The contract includes an option for an additional phase of the study to develop detailed engineering work which would extend the duration to May 2022 if exercised.

The award process will follow the tender scheme for the US Navy's 10 first-in-class FFG(X) guided missile frigates, which were awarded four months ago to Fincantieri Marinette Marine, collectively worth $5.5 billion.

With this success, Fincantieri is reaping the rewards of a long-lasting commitment begun twelve years ago by acquiring shipyards in the US.

The facilities have been modernized and improved so much in terms of efficiency that they are undoubtedly recognized as an excellence in shipbuilding today.

In addition to the recent FFG(X) frigates milestone, the Group is currently developing the US Navy's Littoral Combat Ships program, which envisages the construction of 16 vessels (10 of which have already been delivered).

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