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ABS unveils Alternative Fuel Ready Guide

ABS unveils Alternative Fuel Ready Guide

ABS Classification Society announced that it has presented a 'Alternative Fuel Ready' approach to help shipowners start preparing their fleets for alternative fuel introduction.


The new approach, introduced through the newly published Guide for Gas and Other Low-Flashpoint Fuel Ready Vessels, is ABS' latest contribution to helping the industry adopt new fuel technologies.

The guide is designed to support shipowners looking to build a new vessel or convert an existing vessel to use liquefied natural gas ( LNG), methanol, ethane, liquefied petroleum gas ( LPG), hydrogen, ammonia, and other gases or low-flashpoint fuels.

The use of low-flashpoint fuels is expected to increase substantially already an emerging trend as the industry addresses targets for IMO 2030 and 2050.

The guide  supports owners looking to commission conventionally powered vessels that will be flashpoint fuel 'Alternative Fuel Ready' at a future date.

The guide, which also introduces a range of notations on 'Alternative Fuel Ready,' defines a three-level program of alternative fuel readiness through concept, design and installation.

“The decision to build a new ship or convert an existing one to use gas or other low-flashpoint fuels is complex, due to the many technical and commercial challenges that need to be faced during the design of the vessel and all the associated systems. This guide introduces the concept of ‘Alternative Fuel Ready’, which allows shipowners to plan their future fleets to adapt to the evolving regulatory and technological landscape,” stated Gareth Burton, ABS Vice President, Technology.

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