3. Navantia launches Saudi Arabia's first Corvette
Navantia launches Saudi Arabia's first Corvette

Navantia launches Saudi Arabia's first Corvette

On 22 July, Navantia successfully launched AL-JUBAIL, the first of five corvettes designed for the Royal Saudi Naval Forces (RSNF).


The ceremony was held in slipway number 2 at the San Fernando shipyard, and was chaired by the Commander of RSNF, H. E. Vice Admiral Fahad Bin Abdullah Al-Ghofaily; by the Chairwoman of Navantia, Susana de Sarriá; by the Acting CEO of SAMI, Eng. Walid Abukhaled; and by the Admiral of Logistics Support Bay of Cadiz of Spanish Navy, Vice Admiral Ricardo A. Hernández López.

The ceremony started with a recitation of the Quran by a representative of the RSNF. Then a video about the city of Al-Jubail was played, and a time-lapse video was seen in which several months of construction were summarized and can be seen on the website of Navantia. Thereupon the Kingdoms of Saudi Arabia and Spain national anthems were played.

The RSNF Commander highlighted the value of the ALSARAWAT Project, contracted to Navantia, as one of the RSNF 's largest storage-acquisition programs reflecting a close strategic partnership between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Kingdom of Spain and growing cooperation between the RSNF and the Spanish Navy in shipbuilding, education and training.

The RSNF Commander also indicated that this project's progress is a key factor for successful future ventures and an enduring partnership.

He also noted that this step is part of SAMI 's policy to promote the growth of the Kingdom's military industries, as well as to strengthen its strategic independence and preparation for military readiness.

Navantia's Chairwoman highlighted Navantia 's contribution to the RSNF to replicate the productive model introduced with the Spanish Navy and other navies in recent years, and to provide a high degree of capability for both the RNSF and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's (KSA) military industries sector in the corvette program as well as for future ventures.

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