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  3. Long Beach Port prioritizes dual transactions
Long Beach Port prioritizes dual transactions

Long Beach Port prioritizes dual transactions

In the midst of the greatest cargo boom in the Port's 109-year history, the Port of Long Beach is working with its marine terminal operators to strengthen the amount of "two-way" truck deliveries.


The four companies running six container terminals in the Port have committed themselves to increasing the number of truck movements during the same visit, combining an export container delivery with an import container pick-up appointment.

The Port and its container terminal operators work closely with truck drivers and customers to develop the appointment system and to increase the amount of such dual transactions aimed at balancing the flow of inbound and outbound cargo.

Both Long Beach terminal operators introduce system enhancements and enable trucking companies and drivers to drop off an empty freight container with the intention of ensuring that at least 50 percent of the Port's deliveries are dual transactions.

Long Beach marine terminal operators have also made great strides in completing dual transactions, with more than 70 percent already being achieved by some terminals. Increasing the proportion of dual trips will increase drivers' opportunities and make the entire supply chain more effective.

This change by marine terminal operators puts the Port of Long Beach ahead of other gateways and Long considered it a necessary step to achieve operational efficiencies.

The Port of Long Beach, a gateway to trans-Pacific trade and a pioneer in the movement of goods and environmental stewardship, is one of the world's premier seaports. The Port manages $170 billion in trade annually with 175 shipping lines linking Long Beach to 217 seaports, providing more than 575,000 Southern California jobs.

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