3. Japan's K Line to test CO2 capture plant on board
Japan's K Line to test CO2 capture plant on board

Japan's K Line to test CO2 capture plant on board

Japanese shipping giant Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha (K Line) plans to install a small-scale, marine-use CO2 capture demonstration plant on one of its vessels.


The company will work in partnership with the project partners Mitsubishi Shipbuilding and ClassNK classification society.

The project is funded by the Japan Maritime Bureau of the Ministry of Land , Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) as part of its programs to promote research and innovation in the advancement of marine resource technologies.

K Line will work with Mitsubishi Shipbuilding and ClassNK to install a small-scale CO2 capture demonstration plant on board its vessel, conduct test operations and evaluate its performance.

The marine-use CO2 capture system will be based on an onshore facility built to trap a portion of the vessel's gas emissions.

The goal of this project will be to check the effectiveness of trapping and storing CO2 from the gas emissions of the vessel, as well as the operability and protection of CO2 capture facilities at sea.

These demonstration tests are aimed at encouraging the creation of more compact equipment needed by marine environments, as well as the creation of the device specifications necessary for a safe continuous operation at sea.

“As the world’s first marine demonstration test, the project will provide invaluable insights into facilities design and technologies for capturing CO2 emissions and achieving zero emissions onboard vessels,” K Line stated.

By the end of fiscal year 2021, the project partners are scheduled to start running the demonstration plant on board the vessel and to test the efficiency of the device under marine conditions.

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