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  3. Japan to send warships to the Middle East
Japan to send warships to the Middle East

Japan to send warships to the Middle East

Government of Japan has announced that they will send a warship and patrol planes to protect Japanese ships in the Middle East


The uncommon abroad deployment is meant to make sure the “peace and stability” of Japanese service provider ships, the cupboard workplace stated in a press release, after a sequence of assaults on oil tankers over the summer season.

The move comes after attacks this year on tankers in the Gulf including a Japanese tanker, as well as on Saudi Arabian oil installations.

Friction between Iran and the United States has increased since last year, when US President Donald Trump pulled out of a 2015 international nuclear deal with Iran and re-imposed sanctions on it, crippling its economy.

In May and June, there were several attacks on international merchant vessels, including the Japanese-owned tanker Kokuka Courageous, in the region, which the United States blamed on Iran. Tehran denies the accusations.

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