3. India and Japan conducted bilateral exercise in Arabian Sea
India and Japan conducted bilateral exercise in Arabian Sea

India and Japan conducted bilateral exercise in Arabian Sea

The fourth edition of the India-Japan Maritime bilateral exercise JIMEX, conducted biennially between the Indian Navy and the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF), will take place in the North Arabian Sea from 26 to 28 September 2020.


In January 2012, the JIMEX series of exercises started with a special emphasis on maritime security cooperation. The last JIMEX edition was held outside of Visakhapatnam, India, in October 2018.

Over the years, naval cooperation between India and Japan has grown in scale and complexity. The advanced level of operations and exercises planned during JIMEX-20 are reflective of the continued upswing in defense relations between Indo-Japan and the ongoing efforts of both governments to work closely, in compliance with international regulations, for a more stable, transparent and inclusive global commons.

Through performing a multitude of specialized drills around the spectrum of maritime activities, JIMEX 20 will showcase a high degree of interoperability and shared organizational skills. Coordination developed by the two navies will be consolidated by multi-faceted operational exercises involving arms firings, cross-deck helicopter operations and complex land, anti-submarine and air warfare drills.

Under the command of Rear Admiral Krishna Swaminathan, Flag Officer Commanding Western Fleet, the indigenous stealth destroyer Chennai, Teg Class stealth frigate Tarkash and Fleet Tanker Deepak will serve the Indian Navy. The Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force, commanded by Rear Admiral Konno Yasushige, Commander Escort Flotilla-2 (CCF-2), will be portrayed by JMSDF Ships Kaga, an Izumo Class Helicopter Destroyer, and Ikazuchi, a Guided Missile Destroyer.

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