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  3. HMM opened its land-based Fleet Control Centre in Busan
HMM opened its land-based Fleet Control Centre in Busan

HMM opened its land-based Fleet Control Centre in Busan

HMM has opened its land-based Fleet Control Centre at the HMM R&D facility in Busan.


The center was newly built to monitor and control the activity of the fleet of HMM, including twelve TEU 24,000 and eight TEU 16,000 container ships.

In September 2020, HMM completed the delivery of its twelve 24,000 TEU containerships, while in the second quarter of 2021, eight 16,000 TEU vessels will be included in its fleet. The new smart ship solutions include all twenty ships.

As explained, an integrated network for vessel-to-shore data and improved connectivity is provided by the newly launched Fleet Control Centre. The real-time monitoring system provides plenty of complete visibility information, including vessel efficiency, locations, fuel consumption, ocean weather and information on cargo, etc.

A remote control system that supports a wide range of vessel activities, including inspection and repair work on machinery on ships, may also help vessels.

Furthermore, by exchanging information with the Fleet Control Centre in a timely manner, each vessel is encouraged to identify and respond to an unexpected danger or obstacle both on board and around the ship.

“Digital capabilities have become a key element in securing a competitive edge. We will accelerate efforts to enhance operational excellence and efficiency in our fleet management,” Jae-hoon Bae, President & CEO of HMM, stated.

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