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  3. Havyard Group to introduce first large ship hydrogen system
Havyard Group to introduce first large ship hydrogen system

Havyard Group to introduce first large ship hydrogen system

Norway's Havyard Group has announced that it is ready to launch a hydrogen system that will also allow large vessels to travel longer distances with zero emissions.


Unlike other projects, according to the company, they have focused on systems for large ships that they believe will be critical to achieving the global goals of reducing pollution from ships.

“We are seeing increasing interest in the market for hydrogen. This form of energy produces zero emissions at the same time as it is the most technologically mature for large vessels sailing over relatively long distances,” Gunnar Larsen, CEO of the Havyard Group.

Havyard states that they have been carrying on research and development work on hydrogen propulsion for large vessels for many years now. The group says that its focus has been on large-scale systems, unlike other initiatives that have concentrated on lower performance and smaller vessels.

“We can now offer a system with 3.2 MW fuel cells. This will make it possible for large vessels to sail with zero emissions over longer distances. At the same time, the system is scalable and can be used by both large and small vessels.” In addition to being scalable, the system also includes flexible placement of the hydrogen tank, so that it will be easy to place in both newbuilds and modifications," says Kristian Osnes from Havyard’s R&D department.

Osnes, who will be Executive Vice President of the newly launched Havyard Hydrogen AS, says that in terms of hydrogen handling, large-scale hydrogen systems need entirely different specifications. He cited, for instance, the potential effect on the operations of the ship as it works on open seas and encounters sea movement.

Havyard's experts will be ready for approval in 2021 for the first system.

Havyard Hydrogen, the new company, will be the device integrator and in partnership with partners and subcontractors, will provide full hydrogen energy systems for ships.

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