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  3. Grenaa Port relies on Liebherr Mobile Harbour Crane technology
Grenaa Port relies on Liebherr Mobile Harbour Crane technology

Grenaa Port relies on Liebherr Mobile Harbour Crane technology

The Port of Grenaa decided to have a new electric drive installed into the LHM 550 in order to have not only more efficient but also more ecological handling in the future.


Until sending it to Denmark, Liebherr's customer service in Rostock, Germany, upgrades the equipment according to the customer's wishes.

Rostock (Germany), December 2020- On the Kattegat, Grenaa is a port city and forms the geographical center of Denmark.

The port of Grenaa is one of the main commercial and industrial ports in Denmark. The Port of Grenaa ordered a Liebherr mobile port crane type LHM 550 in October.

The port authorities have therefore agreed to purchase the Liebherr LHM 550 mobile port crane, which is by far the most frequently sold model in the LHM range, delivering more than 250 units.

The demand for sustainable, environmentally sensitive operation and for low-emission cargo handling cranes is becoming increasingly important. Also, the Danish port of Grenaa wants to strengthen its green profile with the locally emission-free drive. Before the LHM 550, which was previously in service in Finland for three years, is delivered to the port of Grenaa, it is given an upgrade at Liebherr's maritime headquarters in Rostock, Germany. 

With its 54 metres long boom and a maximum lifting capacity of 144 tonnes, the LHM 550 covers a wide range of handling options. In addition to the hydrostatic drive, the mobility of the Port of Grenaa goes green 2/3 LHM is a decisive advantage for the customer.

All wheel sets are individually steerable and have load balancing, whereby the ground pressure for each wheel does not exceed six tonnes. Furthermore, the 360° mobility ensures highest maneuverability. This is a decisive advantage at all quays and terminals.

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