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Grand Bahama Shipyard reopens

Grand Bahama Shipyard reopens

Ship repair yard Grand Bahama Shipyard Limited (GBSL) announces that it has resumed its summer dry-docking program June 2, following a brief lockout period resulting from COVID-19.


The first boats were two Svitzer tugs followed by a 29,433 GT chemical tanker double-docking and a 1,097 GT landing craft. The yard remains committed to helping shipowners and managers with their various projects including, but not limited to, dock surveys, IWS, major manufacturing, and emergency repair.

The yard has completed more than 20 repair projects as of today, including BWTS installations on three tankers, and major refits on five cruise ships.

The shipyard said it has put in place healthy working practices to keep its customers and employees secure.

David Skentelbery, CEO Grand Bahama Shipyard said, “Our key priority is to provide a safe working environment for our workforce, subcontractors and our clients to operate among the new normal following the outbreak.”

GBSL said it is planning for a busy third and fourth quarter with repairs ranging from scrubber installations, comprehensive propulsion repairs, ballast water system installations, as well as regular class dockings across a range of vessel types.

The yard noted that it has both docking and float repairs open.

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